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Helios Technologies is a private company based in Paris, France. Early open source technology adopter, we are now entirely focused on the legacy modernization market with our Continuous delivery platform for mainframe systems (CDP).

We provide complete modernization solutions Devops Platform, RefineĀ® technology & project delivery services - in the following areas: mainframes migrations, languages & database migrations, Big data and code agilization. Our clients come from all industries around the world with common needs for costs reductions, obsolete technologies replacements, agilization of current IT environments.


To strengthen our research lab in Kiev, we are looking for a system engineer which main task will be to:

  • Participate in technical thinking implementation of the CDP solutions
  • Create and maintain deployment scripts - Shell and Ansible
  • Work on systems issues such as virtualization, Big Data filesystem
  • Database administration automation, Test data manipulation
  • Participate in Platform administration including Virtualization Solution z/OS Our Tools & Qualifications:
  • Chef, Ansible
  • Git, Gerrit
  • Ruby, Lisp, Java, Go
  • Logstash, ElasticSearch
  • OpenStack, Linux KVM
  • Docker / CoreOS
  • MySQL / MongoDB / Postgresql
  • Jenkins / Rundeck

As a DevOps Engineer at Helios, you will utilize your combination of significant Linux experience, network knowledge, scripting abilities, information security and debugging skills to design, deploy, monitor and automate all operational aspects of the CDP platform.

You will be joining the DevOps and Security team and be responsible for deploying both offensive and defensive techniques to keep our platform humming. You should have a background in large-scale system administration and be familiar with open source technologies, such as Jenkins, Ansible and MySQL. You will work very closely with the product and development teams.


  • Responsible for the overall health and performance of our platform
  • Build from the ground up reliable infrastructure components to deliver highly scalable services
  • You should know standard security practices and also be able to identify any potential application specific vulnerabilities
  • Tools development. We want engineers that can automate the deployment, administration and monitoring of our large-scale Linux environments
  • Gain deep application-level knowledge of the systems as well as contributing to their overall design

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