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We provide complete modernization solutions Devops Platform

Helios Technologies S.A.S.

Helios Technologies is a private company based in Paris, France.

Early open source technology adopter, we are now entirely focused on the legacy modernization market with our Continuous delivery platform for mainframe systems (CDP).

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We provide complete modernization solutions Devops Platform, RefineĀ® technology & project delivery services - in the following areas:

  • Mainframes migrations,
  • Languages & database migrations,
  • Big data and code agilization.

Our clients come from all industries around the world with common needs for costs reductions, obsolete technologies replacements, agilization of current IT environments.

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  • Address: Immeuble Charlebourg - BAT C,
    14/30 rue de Mantes,
    92700 COLOMBES
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  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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